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  • Supply Air Diffuser
  • Supply Air Diffuser

Supply Air Diffuser

  • All standards sizes available
  • Great choice for different materials
  • Free suggestions for selecting the right product

As one of the best HVAC Diffuser Manufacturers in China, Biyang offers a variety of Supply Air Diffuser selections, varying in different shapes, and materials.  Biyang Supply Air Diffuser is used in both residential and commercial environments for the function of providing suitable and comfortable amount air to the right locations.

Biyang Round Supply Air Diffuser has been enjoying brisk sales for a dozen of years.  This product is made of outer frame and inner core and can be easily disassembled for cleaning.  It can export the air evenly and steadily and can be altered in different volumes through the back damper(OBD).

Biyang Square Air Diffuser can be divided into one way, two way, three way, four way air supplying models.  You can always select the right model to meet your demand. Linear Air Supply Diffuser can be custom made in different lengths and connected together to achieve a complete air supply system.  This is often used in the large offices, meeting rooms, hotel rooms and so on.

Linear Air Supply Diffuser can be used for both ceiling and sidewall applications.  Biyang can offer 1-8 slots with different thickness to meet your project requirement. You can get free suggestions for different Supply Air Diffuser by a short message.  Supply Air Diffusers standard sizes are all available in Biyang.  If you are familiar with the Supply Air Diffuser specification, you can simply send us a message for your required item.

If not, you can also get our specification list or share with us about your project to get recommendations through a simple email.  Biyang gives you a great quantity of Supply Air Diffuser selections, not only in sizing but also in materials.  Aluminum Supply Air Diffuser is an everlasting star in HVAC Diffusers sector.  Classical colors like RAL9010 and RAL9016 are permanently a remarkable choice.

If you are looking for sturdy and robust features, Biyang can offer you the steel or stainless steel Supply Air Diffuser.  This simply solves your projects in a tough environment. Let Biyang help you solve your problem of Supply Air Diffuser.

ProductSupply Air Diffuser
MaterialAluminum,stainlesssteel, plastic
Sizestandard sizes, or on request