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Stainless Steel Duct

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As one of the most professional Stainless Steel Ducting Manufacturers, Biyang is an expert on Stainless Steel Ducts (also named Stainless Steel Ducting) which are widely used in heating, cooling ducting and venting ducting sectors.

From material aspects, Biyang Stainless Steel can be made of stainless steel 201, stainless 304, and stainless steel 316.  Generally, stainless steel is anticorrosive, but it is not totally rust proof, especially in moisture and seaside area.  As a result, you will need to choose different grades of stainless steel for the ductwork.

Biyang offers different shapes of Stainless Steel Duct, such as stainless steel round duct, stainless steel oval duct, and stainless steel square duct.  For stainless steel round duct, based on different production methods, Biyang has the Stainless Steel Spiral Duct and Stainless Steel Welding Duct.

As the Stainless Steel Spiral Duct is totally machine work with seaming lock connections, it is more cost competitive.  Biyang has the most advanced spiral ducting machine from Swiss, which is quite rare in China.  As a result, Biyang Stainless Steel Duct is very competitive in pricing and quality.

For higher velocity environment, thicker stainless steel is required.  In this way, Biyang will recommend the Stainless Steel Welding Duct as the spiral duct can be hardly achieved in a perfect outlook by the machines if the material is too thick.

As a professional ventilation ductwork supplier, Biyang also provides Stainless Steel Rectangular Ductwork which is more complicated than the round duct.  More accessories like flanges and duct corners are required to have an airtight connection.  Biyang can provide a whole duct accessories kit to facilitate your purchasing.

Biyang Stainless Steel Flexible Duct is another kind of Stainless Steel Round Duct.  This duct is similar to the Aluminum Semi-rigid Duct.  Due to its duct flexibility, it can be applied when there is a small turn.

Generally, Stainless Steel Duct is one of the most used product in the HVAC ducting system.  Biyang can recommend different kinds of Stainless Steel Ducts based on your exact projects. Welcome to contact us if you have any requirements.

ProductStainless Steel Duct
Material304 Stainless Steel,316 Stainless Steel