• Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct
  • Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct
  • Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct

Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct

  • Very suitable for all kinds of dryer applications
  • Pure aluminum structure and non-combustible
  • Easy Installation

Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct, also named Semi Rigid Dryer Duct, is the most common Semi Rigid Duct in the aluminum ductwork area.  It is made out of pure aluminum foil, and can be in silver, black, brown, grey, and milk white colors.  You can always select the right color to match your own project.  Biyang common Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is a kind round duct different from the Rigid Aluminum Ducting due to its more flexibility.

With the flexibility and pure aluminium feature, Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is an ideal product for range hood, dryer, heating, cooling, and other applications.  Of course, special care and attention need to be paid when stretching and closing the Semi Right Aluminum Duct.  This duct is not as flexible as the Aluminium Flexible Duct.  Big force might damage the duct.  If you are looking for a sturdy and tough semi rigid metal duct, the Flexible Stainless Steel Duct might be the right choice.

The normal round Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is easy for all kinds of fittings without requiring many fitting accessories.  In addition, Biyang can also provide the Rectangular Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct.  Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is a round duct, with sizes ranging from 1.8”-12” (45mm-300mm), and has offered number of 4, 7, and 9.  In Biyang, the most popular sizes are 6-inch semi rigid duct.  In addition, we can custom the products details based on your request, such as the male or female ending shape.

The maximum length for this duct is 6m with max. 3000Pa operation pressure and max. 30m/s.  The aluminum foil thickness has the options of 0.08mm to 0.2mm. Though Biyang has not got the UL certified product, Biyang has developed the right thickness duct to meet the standard.  For ventilation ducting, Biyang is the right manufacturer to custom your flexible duct items.

Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct meets the Class 2 fire resistant standard.  It is completely non combustible which can work under the maximum temperature of 435°F.  Until now, Biyang has exported this product all over the world, such as Japan, Spain, Chile and so on.  Due to its high fire resistance, Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct can be also used as the inner duct for the Insulated Duct.  This ensures good air flow and fire retardant features.

The setting up of Semi rigid Aluminum Duct in application such as for dryer is easy.  Firstly, we can pull the duct in a favorable length.  Then fix both ends into the other connectors with hose clamps.  If the duct is really too long, you can also cut it by a simple cutting tool.  For shipment, Biyang can offer different packing methods based on your requirements.  For retail, the inner box will be a must.  For project items, we can ship them by putting the small diameter ones into big ones, shrink wrap them, and then putting them on the pallets for easy and safe shipping.

For any questions and problems with the duct, please just send us an inquiry for free advice.

ProductSemi Rigid Aluminum Duct
Standard Length6m
Compress Ration1: 3

Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is a Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Semi rigid aluminum duct is a type of duct that you can use in the transition of different applications.

Due to the functions, you can simply refer to it as a semi rigid dryer duct.

Apart from transition, you can use the semi rigid aluminum duct for heating, cooling, and range hood among other applications.

Semi rigid aluminum

 Semi rigid aluminum

2. What are the features Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

The main features of the semi rigid duct include:

  • The main materials of the semi rigid aluminum duct are pure aluminum foil.

Apart from aluminum you can use steel for a tough and semi-rigid metal duct.

  • The duct is available in different colors such as black, milk white, grey, silver, grey and brown.
  • It is more flexible than the rigid aluminum duct thus assuming a round shape at the bends.

The shape can, however, change to rectangular shapes depending on your application requirements.

  • You can easily fit it to different applications without the use of different fitting accessories.
  • You can find the semi-rigid duct in different sizes that will fit the applications you intend for it.

The length and fitness will also vary thus determining the amount of pressure that a semi rigid duct can handle.

  • The semi rigid aluminum duct is fire resistant meeting the class 2 fire resistant standards.

3. What are Benefits of Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

You will experience the following benefits by using the semi rigid aluminum duct:

  • Durability since it is resistant to fire and the aluminum main material can resist abrasion and corrosion.
  • Easy installation process due to the flexible nature of the semi rigid aluminum duct.
  • It has a smooth interior that allows a quick flow of the internal fluids without any interruptions.
  • No matter the position, the semi rigid aluminum duct will maintain its diameter thus maintaining a fixed rate of flow.
  • It requires minimal support since it is steady in nature.

4. How Does Aluminum Flexible Duct and Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct Compare?

Semi rigid aluminum

Semi rigid aluminum

Aluminum flexible ducts are fully flexible and can assume any position without the risk of breaking no matter the stretch.

It is light in weight and allows for custom shapes of the flexible aluminum duct.

Semi rigid aluminum ducts face risk of breaking in case of an overstretch thus limiting the flexibility to certain levels.

You can use the semi rigid aluminum duct especially for transition ducting.

You should never conceal the semi rigid aluminum duct in floors and walls.

5. What are the Disadvantages of Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

The main disadvantages that you will experience by using the semi-rigid aluminum duct include:

  • They may break in case of overstretching since they are not entirely flexible.
  • The aluminum material is not also very strong for a sturdy and strong semi rigid aluminum duct.
  • It does not allow you to conceal it in floors and walls thus limiting you to open applications.

6. Where Can You Use Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

You can use the semi rigid aluminum duct for transition ducting in different applications such as:

  • Industrial applications for the supply of gas to different applications
  • Construction industry for placement of ventilation
  • Electric dryer applications

7. Is Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct Better than Aluminum Foil Duct?

Semi rigid aluminum is not better than aluminum foil ducts.

Aluminum foil ducts are more flexible in comparison to semi rigid foil ducts thus increasing the stretch ability.

Apart from that, the flexible nature reduces any chances of material breaking during the operations. s

8. What is the difference between Dryer Vent and Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Typically, the difference between the dryer vent and the semi rigid aluminum duct is in its function.

You will use the dryer vent specifically for drying in different applications.

On the other hand, you will use the semi-rigid aluminum duct for other functions other than drying.

Apart from that, the drying vent also comes in a variety of materials.

You may have the semi rigid aluminum duct with different materials but that would prompt a change in name.

9. Are there Insulated Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Yes, there are insulated semi rigid aluminum ducts.

The insulation will prevent you from burns or electrocution thus making it safe for use.

The insulation also prevents the gas from leaking and affecting the external environment.

10. What is Class 1 Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Class 1 semi rigid aluminum ducts have a flame spread index that does not exceed 25 for progressive combustion.

Apart from that, it does not allow a smoke development index that goes beyond 50.

11. What is the Maximum Working Temperature for Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

The maximum working temperature for semi rigid aluminum duct is 4300 F.

In case you use the semi rigid aluminum duct beyond that temperature, the aluminum might melt or burn.

12. Can You Extend Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Semi rigid aluminum duct

 Semi rigid aluminum

Yes, you can extend semi rigid aluminum ducts to a certain degree.

You have to be careful and not exceed the extension beyond a certain point.

13. Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct is Available in How Many Colors?

Semi rigid aluminum ducts are available in different colors including brown, silver, milk white, grey, and black.

You can also ask for a custom color that will fit your requirements.

14. How Does Rigid Aluminum Ducting Compare to Semi Rigid Aluminum Ducting?

Rigid aluminum ducting and semi rigid aluminum ducting perform the same functions except for a few factors.

Rigid aluminum ducts do not allow you to extend them to any extent which is possible with semi rigid aluminum ducts.

You can also cover the rigid aluminum ducts in walls and under the floor without the possibility of damaging them.

It is strong enough to withstand that kind of pressure in comparison to the semi rigid aluminum ducts.

15. Can Biyang Custom Semi Rigid Aluminum Ducting?

Yes, Biyang can custom make the semi rigid aluminum ducts according to your demands.

They have a team with relevant experience that will access the functionality of the design.

After that, the team will be able to recommend the custom design for production.

16. Are Biyang Semi Rigid Aluminum Ducts UL Certified?

Yes, Biyang semi rigid aluminum ducts are UL certified.

Apart from that, Biyang also confirms and takes all the semi rigid aluminum through the necessary testing certification procedures.

17. Are Semi Rigid Aluminum Ducts Fire Rated?

Yes, semi rigid aluminum ducts are fire rated thus making them fire resistant.

Most of the semi rigid aluminum ducts are class 2 fire rated thus increasing the ability to resist fire.

18. How much Do Biyang Sell Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

The cost of semi rigid aluminum ducts from Biyang is extremely affordable and pocket friendly.

The cost will vary according to the technical specifications of the semi rigid aluminum duct that you require.

19. Does Biyang has Size Limits for Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

Yes, Biyang has size limits for the semi rigid aluminum duct.

It can produce semi rigid aluminum ducts with different sizes ranging between 1.8 to 12 inches.

20. What is the Maximum Working Pressure for Semi Rigid Aluminum Duct?

The maximum working pressure that you can exert on the semi rigid aluminum duct is 3000 Pascal.

Any amount of pressure beyond that may prove fatal to the semi rigid aluminum duct.