Round Ceiling Diffuser

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Biyang Round Ceiling Diffuser, also named round air diffuser, round ceiling vent, and round ceiling register, can be used made in steel, plastic and aluminum.

As a professional Round Ceiling Diffuser manufacturer, Biyang has standard neck sizes from 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, and 500mm. The overall face size is about 110mm larger than the neck sizes. It can be made of 3 layers, 4 layers and 5 layers. In this way, you can choose the right round diffuser based on the duct or ductwork dimensions. In addition, you also need to consider the air volume and maximum throw distance to get a comfortable air in the room. Take an example. When the air velocity is 2.4m/s and the throw distance is 0.5m/s, air volume is 134 m³/h。

The most popular Round Ceiling Diffuser is 10 inch round ceiling diffuser, 6 inch round ceiling diffuser, 12 inch round ceiling diffuser.

The Aluminum Round Ceiling Diffuser is the most common one in the HVAC industry. The colors for the Aluminum Round Ceiling Diffuser can be made based on powder coating RAL color standards, such as RAL9016 or 9010. Biyang can also make the anodizing surface treatment for the round diffuser which can be more weather resistant for the environment such as UV, acid rain, etc.

The Plastic Round Ceiling Diffuser is an economical option. The steel Round Ceiling Diffuser is sturdy option which can also be in powder coating colors. You can always choose the right product in Biyang.

Biyang has all common accessories for the HVAC Diffuser. The butterfly damper can be an optional accessory for round diffuser. It is used for altering and controlling the air volume by changing the directions of dampers.

Besides the damper for the round diffuser, Biyang can provide all accessories for the HVAC accessories in all common sizes with one stop solution, such as hose clamp, duct connector, duct transition, duct spiltter, line set cover and so on.

ProductRound Ceiling Diffuser
Size150mm – 500mm
MOQ10 sets