• Return Air Diffuser
  • Return Air Diffuser
  • Return Air Diffuser

Return Air Diffuser

  • Low Noise Level
  • Easy mounting procedure
  • Various designs and materials for different applications

Biyang Return Air Grille, also named Ceiling Return Air Diffuser, Return Diffuser, or Return Air Register, is made out of different materials, such as extruded aluminum sections, steel bars, plastic injections or solid wood.  Our products vary in different shapes, such as Round Diffuser, Square Ceiling Diffuser, Linear Diffuser, and so on.

The Return Air Grille allows air to get back to the heating or cooling system, or ventilation ductwork.  Biyang Return Air Grille can have a good connection to the return air ductwork and can be concealed suitably in a home or a building which works as a channel for pumping air out of the room.

As one of the leading supplier for Air Diffuser, Biyang products cover all types of Return Air Diffusers.  Aluminum extruded Return Air Grille is the most common product.  For different demands, Biyang provides extruded materials in 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and 1.2mm.

Biyang common coating is a cheap but good option to be used for normal interior situations.  Biyang highly resistant powder coating can be applied for a tough environment with colors made based on RAL color standard such as RAL9010 and RAL9016.  Air flow directions can be selected and made based on different designs.

Biyang Plastic Return Air Grille or Plastic Air Registers also vary in different shapes.  You can always select the right shape for your own project.  With existing injection molds, these are the good and economical choice for clean air ventilation.

Biyang Stainless Steel Return Air Grille or Stainless Steel Return Grilles are more expensive than other materials, but they can be used for structure supporting in the floor and bad environment.  Biyang offers different sizes for your selection and we can also make them based on your required size and structure.

Biyang Wood Air Grille can work as the Decorative Return Air Grille and is a good option for home overall matching.  This can be totally custom to your demand, with different paint finishes wood finishes or stain finish.

Biyang Return Air Grille has a variety of designs.  Please contact us for details.

ProductReturn Air Diffuser
MaterialAluminum, steel, plastic, wooden
ColorWhite power coated RAL9010/9016

paint finishes, wood finishes, stain finish

SizeOn request