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  • High Temp Flexible Duct
  • High Temp Flexible Duct

Rectangular Flexible Duct

  • Easy to carry and set up
  • Low MOQ with 100pcs
  • Custom making is always available

Biyang Rectangular Flexible Duct also called Rectangular Flex Duct, or Square Flexible Duct, is a rare product in the HVAC industry. Biyang, as an expert Flexible Duct manufacturer, provides two kinds of Rectangular Flexible Duct, including Rectangular Aluminum Flexible Ducting, and Rectangular PVC Flexible Ducting.

Biyang Rectangular Aluminum Flexible Duct is made out of 2 layers of fire retardant aluminum foil, one layer of PET and strong steel wire structure. The special fire resistant glue is applied throughout the ducting consistently. It is an important supplementary product for the Flexible Duct category. Biyang Rectangular Aluminum Flexible Duct has the same features as the round Aluminum Flexible Duct, such as the flexibility with 1:25 compression ratio.

This makes it easy and cost saving for shipping. With all fire resistant materials, Biyang Rectangular Aluminum Duct can work properly from -30℃ to 150℃, with 3000pa max. operation pressure. Biyang Rectangular Flexible Duct also has PVC material options. The common color is white, and you can also have a black or grey one. This is made out of PVC and steel wire structure frame. The steel wire is either galvanized steel or stainless steel to ensure no rusting issue, and also healthy air.

Biyang Rectangular Flexible Duct has the maximum length of 10m but doesn’t have the standard width and height. We can make this based on your requirement. We also offer you different packing options, bulk packing for cost saving, individual box packing for easy selling, and pallet packing for safe shipping.

Biyang Rectangular Flexible Duct is a good product for temporary project setting. It is easy to carry and fast to set on or remove. It can also work as a Duct Transition between different sizes of rigid Rectangular Duct.

Welcome to contact Biyang for details and free samples.

ProductRectangular Flexible Duct
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1: 25