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Rectangular Duct

  • Different kinds of Rectangular Ducts for choosing
  • Complete sets of Rectangular Duct fittings available
  • Professional installing team available for big projects

Biyang Rectangular Duct, also named HVAC Rectangular Duct, Square Vent Duct or Square Air Duct, is a kind of Rectangular Sheet Metal Duct.  It is made through by metal sheet cutting, bending, and welding.  The type of metal used for ductwork mainly includes galvanized steel, stainless steel 201, or stainless 304.

As a result, it can be divided into Rectangular Galvanised Ducting and Stainless Steel Rectangular Ductwork as well.  Based on different rust resistant standards and surface treatments, you can always select the right Rectangular Duct to fit your own environment requirement from Biyang.

Compared with Spiral Duct, Biyang Rectangular Duct is more old-style and easily manufactured duct, still widely used both home and abroad.  The setting up for square one is easy, but it requires lots of fittings and accessories as well.

Biyang provides a complete set of duct fittings for our Rectangular Ductwork, including Flat Flanges, Corners, Duct Connector, Duct Transition, Duct Boot, Duct Splitter and so on.  You can always get a one-stop solution for Square Ductwork here in Biyang.

Biyang Insulated Rectangular Duct is a duct with an insulation layer, whether glass fiber or rubber foam. The insulation material helps save energy and maintain long term efficiency. Biyang Double Wall Rectangular Duct includes outside duct and inner duct, with an insulation layer between them.

This design ensures the longer life expectancy for the insulation and is a great choice for the tough environment.  Unlike Flexible Ducts, one disadvantage of a Rectangular Duct is that it is big in volume so it is space taking for container loading.  Lots of space will be wasted.

Biyang can provide half section of Rectangular Duct, L shape, in our production and shipping.  After receiving, you can only do welding work at a site, or you can ask Biyang workers to come to your site and do the welding work if welding work is too expensive in your own country.

Biyang has several working team dealing with big oversea projects.  Biyang also provides L shape as the main trunk of ducting.  You can snap two pieces into a Rectangular Duct trunk easily without complicated tools.

Please make sure you can seal it with the ducting sealant or duct tape to be more efficient and energy saving.  For some projects, this will greatly reduce the overall budget.

Contact Biyang to get directions or quotes for your Rectangular Duct now.

ProductRectangular Duct
MaterialStainless steel, Galvanized steel