Line Set Cover

  • Weather Resistant PVC
  • Small MOQ
  • 4 standard Sizes

Biyang is a professional Line Set Cover manufacturer and supplier. Our product is made out temperature and UV resistant pvc material, so it can be used for both indoor and outdoor. Biyang Line Set Covers are also called AC Line Set Cover, Mini Split Line Set Cover, HVAC Line Set Cover, Refrigerant Line Set Covers or Air Conditioner Pipe Cover.

Biyang Line Set Cover is consisted of all common parts to decorate the air conditioners lines, the refrigerant lines, big or mini split lines and so on, including the slim duct, the elbow corner, T joint, plane corner, free joint, ceiling cap, wall cover, end cover, cover joint, reducer, guard ring and so on. All these parts work together as a line set cover kit. In this way, it is very convenient for you to get your air conditioner lines organized in a nice way. For details, you can ask for our catalog for details.

Biyang Line Set Cover vary in several standards sizes, including 80 series, 100 series, 130 series, and 150 seires. Based on different btu of air conditioners, you can get the suitable size products.

Many customers are buying white color HVAC Line Set Cover, and have to paint them in another color to meet the color of the environment. With the manufacturer Biyang, the standard Biyang Line Set Cover is in ivory color, but we can also make the custom color based on your request.

Biyang Line Set Cover is of weather resistant, as all products are made out of fresh material with UV resistant additives. As a result, Biyang Line Set Cover is not easy to crack, and can bear more outside strength.

Biyang HVAC Line Set Cover installing is very easy. With the simple screwdriver, you will be able to get all parts set and assembled.

Welcome to contact Biyang for details.

ProductLine Set Cover
Size80, 100, 130, 150mm
MaterialWeather Resistant PVC
MOQ 10 sets