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Insulation Protection Shield

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Biyang Insulation Protection Shield is a kind of pipe support accessory, made of carbon steel(pre-galvanized) or stainless steel based on different usages and environments.  It is designed and produced to secure the ventilation duct and protect the insulation layer from being destroyed by the fixing system or environmental force.

With the pre-galvanizing steel or stainless steel, Biyang Insulation Protection Shield can always be rust resistant even in a very bad environment.  With the extremely smooth surface, surface cleaning work is also very easy.  Biyang Insulation Protection Shield is in a semicircle shape, and available in all common sizes, from 1.9”(48.26mm) to 28”(711.2mm).

The thickness can also vary based on the overall sizes of the shield, from 18 Gauge(1.2mm) to 12 Gauge(2.6mm).  It securely provides the support for the pipe and avoids the vapor getting into the fiberglass or rubber insulation layer.  This makes your insulation a longer life expectancy, better heat insulation, and long-term energy saving.

When you are selecting a suitable supporting system, you need to consider the pipe diameter, the insulation thickness, and also the tightness required for the whole securing system. It should not be too big or too small.  Anyway, Biyang can offer you one stop solution for your all Insulation Protection Shields and HVAC ductwork accessories.

Biyang Insulation Protection Shield can adapt to most existing hanger systems in your local market, such as the thermal hanger.  As a result, it is very easy for you to get the replacement if there are accessories missing or destroyed.  Biyang Insulation Protection Shield complies with manufacturing standard of ISO9001 and is exported to many countries, such as Japan, USA, Spain and so on.

Biyang can always custom your ideal Insulation Protection Shield based on your own project, whether more rust-resistant steel, such as 316L, different lengths or irregular sizes.  We’ve had thousands of projects experiences, which enables us to design and provide the best solution for you.  For HVAC connection installation, we can always provide simple guidance or team support if you require.

ProductInsulation Protection Shield
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel