• Galvanized Spiral Ducting
  • Galvanized Spiral Ducting
  • Galvanized Spiral Ducting

Galvanized Spiral Ducting

  • AdvancedSwiss imported machine Spiro for productionofBiyangGalvanised Spiral Ducting
  • Highqualitymaterialsupplied by large steel companies.
  • Widely used in all kinds of ductwork system.

BiyangGalvanised Spiral Ducting, also named Galvanized Spiral Duct, is made out of galvanized steel with lock formed sealing. BiyangGalvanised Spiral Ducting varies from 80mm to 2000mm in diameter.

Compared with most suppliers in China, Biyang Galvanized Spiral Ducting is smoother and more elegant in surface effect, which improves the airflow efficiency. This is because all BiyangGalvanised Spiral Ducting is made from the Swiss imported machine Spiro.

This machine cost is nearly 10 times higher than the Chinese local brand machine. The Spiro machine is more durable, and not easy to break down. The duct connections are easily sealed with the machine.

This ensures the steady production for your ducts. All BiyangGalvanised Spiral Ducting is airtight and of no water leakage. This ensures good running for your HVAC system for all kinds of situations.

In addition, large steel companies like Baosteel and Taigang are our long term material suppliers. Their consistent quality of galvanized steel also helps maintain the quality of our Galvanized Spiral Ducting.

Biyang Galvanised Spiral Ducting is widely used in all kinds of ductwork system. It is rust resistant.   Compared with Galvanized Welded Pipe, Galvanised Spiral Ducting is lower in cost.

Also if taking the Stainless Steel Spiral Duct into consideration, you will also find Galvanised Spiral Ducting is more cost effective. As a result, it is a good choice for dust collection, industrial ventilation, large commercial building with restaurants and so on.

Take the furniture industry, for example, Biyang Spiral Ducting has helped many furniture suppliers in Zhejiang province in their the dust collection system, such as Jiaxing Fengxiang, Jinhua JH and so on.

As a well known spiral ductwork supplier, Biyang has been in HVAC industry for more than 10 years. Biyang Galvanized Spiral Ducting is also exported to many countries, like Japan, Spain, Chile, Thailand and so on.

Order or no order, we Biyang are always pleased to receive your inquiry and solve your problem.

ProductGalvanized Spiral Ducting
MaterialGalvanized steel