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Galvanized Duct

  • Biyang provides Galvanized Ducts of different usages
  • Strong technical and design team to solve your problem
  • Professional setting-up workers to save your time

Biyang Galvanized Duct, also named Galvanised Ducting or Galvanized Steel Duct, is made out of steel sheet and is an important category in the metal ducting sector.  With pre-galvanizing, it is corrosion resistant and can be used in dry and also humid environments, such as exposed air ducts or exposed ac ducts.

It can also be applicable in other usages, such as dust extraction system, marine, and offshore ventilation, industrial fume system and so on.  Biyang Galvanized Duct can be made in different shapes based on your requests, such as the Round Duct and Rectangular Duct.

As a professional Galvanized Steel Duct Manufacturer, Biyang has Galvanised Spiral Ducting, Galvanized Welded Duct, and Galvanized Rectangular Duct.  Biyang Galvanised Spiral Duct is one of the most popular product in the round metal ductwork.  Biyang has the Spiro machine from Swiss which makes our product nicer and smoother in outlook than other suppliers’ products.

This ensures the smooth flow of air.  For places requiring thick round duct, Biyang will offer you Galvanized Welded Duct.  Besides, Biyang Galvanized Rectangular Duct is also widely used all over world for its easy production cost.  You can always choose the right product based on your own needs.

Biyang deals with all common accessories and fittings for the Galvanized Duct, such as the Flange, Hose Clamp, Duct Connector, Duct Boot, Duct Transition and so on. All kinds of insulations for Galvanized Duct are available, such as the fiberglass and rubber foam.  With all these Duct Fittings and accessories, you can always get all products at one purchasing from us.  This saves your time, energy and money.

Biyang has an experienced technical and designing team.  We can always design the right Galvanized Duct system for your ventilation ducting project based on your requirement.  In all, we have done thousands of projects both at home and abroad.  Biyang is also able to send the setting up team to your country to save your labor cost and improve the working efficiency.

ProductGalvanized Duct
MaterialGalvanized steel