Floor Register

  • One step installation
  • Improved filtration effectiveness
  • Reduce maintenance expenses by increasing the lifespan of air filters

Established in 1995, Biyang specializes in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of over a thousand grilles, vents, registers for in-house and commercial use.  Biyang has built partnership with many customers around the world and has a sales force of over a 100 staff from our 15,000 sq. f.t warehouse.  With over 35 years of experience, Biyang provides you with high-quality, low cost maintenance, renovation and construction services for your specific needs.

Floor vent register is a part of Heating, ventilation and Air-conditioner systems.  Commonly called as “air-vent covers”, the function of floor registers is to allow fresh and light air to comfortably flow in all corners of your home.  All rooms should have supply floor registers to allow the air from HVAC be changed according to your desired temperature.  Crafted of metal, oil-rubbed bronze, hardwood or cast iron, these products have a variety of decorative styles to match your furniture and floorings.

Biyang offers a variety of floor registers that has a clean, sleek-style and features a design that amazing matches your modern home.  Built with adjustable dampers, or sometimes called as “louvers”, that allow for air flor control.  We have metal registers that feature heavy-gauge cold-rolled metal construction which makes the structure stable and allows easy air flow.

Biyang supplies floor registers in many different styles.  From basic designs to decorative floor vent registers we have long comprehensive list of registers to match your hardwood or tiled floors.  We have custom floor vents and customer floor registers in large.

Aside from our prisitine quality products, we also offer you a dedicated and highly proficient service in all times and all places.  We are devoted to fulfill your specific wants in a professional and dynamic manner.  We have over 50,000 inventory of the specific products for you.

We offer a diverse range of floor registers.  Customed wood floor registers, or metal registers – we’ve got it all for you.  For more than a decade, Biyang has been the natural choice for testing and manufacturing partners for customers, floor register supplier and manufacturers globally.  Our world-class 15,000 square meters automotive facility, combined with our team skilled technical experts, can provide you an all-In solution for your needs.  As an IS0 certified company, it is with our strongest collaborative efforts that we are able to establish a reputation that stands for safety and quality.

Don’t find what you’re looking for?  Take a look at our comprehensive catalog of floor registers, and let us know if you can’t find your specific needs.  For further information about our products, or unsure how to measure your vents, do not hesitate to contact us.  You can call us during our business hours of Monday to Friday.  Or reach us through email.

ProductFloor Register
Size150mm – 1800mm
MaterialMetal, oil-rubbed bronze, hardwood or cast iron