• Egg Crate Diffuser
  • Egg Crate Diffuser
  • Egg Crate Diffuser

Egg Crate Diffuser

  • Different materials for selections
  • Fire rating standard
  • Optional deflection angles

Biyang Egg Crate Diffuser can be made out of different materials in various standards and custom sizes.  Based on the material, Biyang can offer you the most popular Aluminum Egg Crate Diffuser and Plastic Egg Crate Diffuser.  The aluminum ones are good to be used for the whole ceiling in the commercial buildings, so they are also named Aluminum Egg Crate Ceiling Panels.  The plastic ones usually work as the lighting covers so they are also called Plastic Egg Crate Light Diffuser.

Aluminum Egg Crate Diffuser is our main product in HVAC Diffuser.  It is non-combustible with fire rating standard.  It enhances the ventilation efficiency and performance.  Biyang Egg Crate Diffuser has 0.8mm, 1mm, and 1.2mm thickness aluminum extruded material options to meet the economic and luxury demands from different customers.

In addition, different core sizes can be made based on customer’s request.  Biyang can also provide 45° deflection angled products to stop the sight through the egg crate diffuser or the Egg Crate Grille.  As a result, it is very suitable to have such products used in commercial projects, such as in the meeting room, the large office, and so on.

Biyang provides different color options based on RAL color standard such as RAL9010 and RAL9016.  Special outdoor coating powder is applied in our product.  In this way, Biyang Egg Crate Diffuser is more lighting and heat resistant.  This is extremely important if it is used for ceiling diffuser.  Biyang Plastic Egg Crate Lighting Diffuser is an economical and simple way for many lighting and luminous ceiling usages.  It is uniform in sizes and allows the light to go through evenly.  This is a terrific choice in the working office ceiling.

For specific projects, Biyang can always custom design and make your Egg Crate Diffuser make a perfection combinations of HVAC parts for you.  For details of Biyang Egg Crate Diffuser, please feel free to contact us for details.

ProductEgg Crate Diffuser
Thickness0.8mm, 1mm,1.2mm
SizeOn request