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Biyang is a professional manufacturer for Duct Splitter in ductwork industry.  The duct splitter is an important kind of HVAC duct fittings to get air flow from the main duct into multiple directions smaller ducts and areas.  You may also call this ducting y splitter, wye splitter, or just wye.

Biyang Duct Splitter have different types based on air flow directions, such as 3 way duct splitter, 4 way duct splitter and so on.  The most popular sizes are 4 inch duct splitter and 6 inch duct splitter.

Some most common Duct Splitters are Y Splitter, and WYE Splitter (or branch wye). These parts are widely used as the Air Duct Splitter, HVAC Duct Splitter, AC Duct Splitter, Dryer Vent Hose Splitter and so on.

Biyang Duct Splitter is mainly made of galvanized steel or stainless steel.  All of our raw materials come from large steel manufacturers in China such as Baosteel and Shougang.  These materials are much steadier in features, and can have a nicer outlook and longer durability after manufacturing.

Due to the high standard material, Biyang Splitter is extremely rust resistant, which helps maintain the clean and green air in the ducting system.  Biyang helps protect your health. Biyang has all ducting facilities to provide one-stop solutions for your ductwork and HVAC projects.

In these years, we’ve participated in all kinds of projects, whether big or small and home or abroad, from Shanghai Disneyland to oversea military base, from a small house ducting to the whole National Olympic Sports Center ducting system.

Biyang product categories cover all ducting and accessories, such as duct boots, duct reducers, duct wyes, and duct elbows, duct tee, and so on.  For big HVAC projects, it might not be easy for you to do the installation.  Biyang team has also provided the oversea on-site installation team and guidance team to save your time and money.  Our professional installation team has helped several customers to complete their projects in recent years, including customers in Vietnam and Japan.

Share us about your duct splitter requirements, and we Biyang will send you the solution.

ProductDuct Splitter
MaterialGalvanized steel, stainless steel