• Double Wall Spiral Duct
  • Double Wall Spiral Duct
  • Double Wall Spiral Duct

Double Wall Spiral Duct

  • Custom in all kinds sizes and lengths, with diameter from 80mm to 2000mm.
  • Biyang Double Wall Duct is airtight and of no water leakage
  • Swiss Imported Machine Spiro, nicer outlook and longer life expectancy

Biyang Double Wall Spiral Duct is also named Dual Wall Spiral Pipe, Double Wall Round Duct, and Double Wall Insulated Duct.  It is a kind of Metal Duct, designed and produced to offer an excellent acoustical and thermal function for HVAC ductwork applications.

Biyang Double Wall Spiral Duct is made of big spiral duct outside, insulation in the middle and small spiral duct inside.  This rigid structure leads to the smoother and silencer air flow in the inner duct with excellent insulation.

Both Spiral Ducts are manufactured from galvanized steel or stainless steel from large competitive Chinese factories, such as Baosteel.  The outside spiral duct works as the tough protective layer to protect the inside insulation layer from moisture or vapor.

The good material also ensures the nice outlook of spiral duct instead of the wrinkled surface.  This also helps smoother air flow and increases the whole project’s energy efficiency.

Biyang Double Wall Spiral Duct offers different insulation materials for your selection, including fiberglass, rubber foam and so on.  We can make it based on your insulation standard such as R6, R4.2 and so on.  Insulation material is extremely important for the long-term running of the ducting system and cost-effectiveness of the budget.

Poor and not enough insulation in heating and cooling ducting wastes lots of energy in the middle way, which increases maintaining cost.  This in the next step also leads to the low life expectancy for all ductwork system.

To achieve a better noise reduction effect, Biyang can provide the perforated design for the inner duct.  The small holes will significantly reduce the noise levels caused by the blowers and fans in the HVAC ducting system.  This is very important for areas, like office buildings, hospitals, school and so on.

Biyang Double Wall Spiral Duct is widely used in our projects.  Our products exported to Japan are totally airtight and also no water leakage.  If you have special function required, please feel to contact Biyang.

ProductDouble Wall Spiral Duct
MaterialGalvanized steel