• Aluminum Flexible Duct
  • Aluminum Flexible Duct
  • Aluminum Flexible Duct

Aluminum Flexible Duct

  • Easy to bend, and can bear repeated bending
  • Fire material and structure, passing Australia AS/NZSS 1530.3 Fire Testing
  • Suitable to be used in many venting applications

Biyang Aluminum Flexible Duct, also named Aluminium Flexible Ducting, Flexible Aluminum Tubing, or Aluminium Flexible Duct Pipe, is made of aluminum foil outside, a polyester film in middle and galvanized steel wire or stainless steel helix wire inside.  It is light in weight, elastic in length, and suitable to be used in low and medium pressure heating and air conditioning(HVAC) systems.

Biyang Aluminum Flexible Duct can be easily cut based on the length of the actual situation without complicated tools.  With top-grade aluminum foils, this duct is fire resistant and can work properly between -20℃ to 120℃ temperature.  Biyang Aluminum Flexible Duct has passed AS/NZS1530.3, the Australia fire rating testing.  Please feel free to ask for testing report.

If you are requesting for a higher fire resistant standards, a black polyester core can be applied inside which is self-extinguishing.  This makes it suitable to transfer both hot and cold air in complicated situations.  With helix structure, the aluminum is strongly bonded to the steel wire.

In addition, the steel wire inside is either galvanized or stainless steel, which is rust resistant.  This guarantees the smooth flow of clean air.  For tough environments, Biyang also provides antibacterial or antimicrobial Flexible Duct to maintain the health and green air flow.

Furthermore, based on different applications, Biyang offers you options of single layer aluminum structure, double layer aluminum foil structure and also 4-ply aluminum foil lamination structure.  You can also get the right product for your specific need.  All of this can be suitable to work as the aluminum ventilation ducting, flexible aluminum dryer vent duct, kitchen exhaust duct, kitchen extractor ducting, or flexible aluminum duct for a range hood.

Biyang Aluminum Flexible Duct can be made out of colored aluminum foil as well, such as the copper color, and blue color for a specific need.  In addition, Biyang also provides a special shinier aluminized coating for our duct which is widely used in high requirements for heat transfer and sunlight reflection applications.

As a professional Aluminum Flexible Duct supplier, Biyang has Aluminum Flexible Ducts for all common duct sizes, from 1.5” to 28”.  The following flexible duct sizes are the most popular, 2-inch flexible duct, 6-inch flexible duct, 8-inch flexible duct, 16-inch flexible duct, and 24-inch flexible duct.  Biyang offers the custom making for Aluminum Flexible Duct, such as aluminum Rectangular Flexible Duct.  ODM or OEM is all warmly welcomed.

Biyang has different packings to fit your different demands of shipping, such as pallet packing for safe shipping and easy unloading, small ducting into big ducting for saving space and shipping cost and so on.

Please tell us your specific needs, and Biyang will give you the right product and the best solution.

ProductAluminum Flexible Duct
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1:25