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  • Acoustic Ducting

Acoustic Ducting

  • Various types of Acoustic Ducting available
  • Australia standard fire testing approved
  • Custom for small quantity available

Biyang Acoustic Ducting is a kind of Flexible Insulated Ducting with perforated inn core.  The small holes are all over the inner duct and are specially designed to absorb and reduce the noise and vibrations, caused by fan or blower in the ventilation system.  As a result, it is also called Acoustic Flexible Duct.

One of the most popular Acoustic Ductings in Biyang is fine quality Aluminum Flexible Acoustic Duct.  It is a pre-Insulated Aluminum Flex Duct with small holes covered in the inner core.  This works similar to an Air Duct Silencer in function, especially when you are using the exhaust fan.  It reduces about 50%-80% noisy during air flow in the duct caused by an extractor fan.

The acoustic duct insulation layer can be yellow fiberglass, red Owens Corning insulation with good elastic features and white non woven fabric.  The non woven fabric provides the most effective noisy and vibrations absorbing effects.  The thermal insulation can vary from R0.4 to R6.2 based on different insulation materials and thickness.

Biyang Acoustic Ducting has passed AS/NZS1530.3, the Australia fire rating testing.  The adhesive applied in the ducting is fire retardant.  The inner layer duct can be Aluminum Flexible Duct, Semi-Rigid Aluminum Duct or PET Duct.  The overall structure and superior material make Biyang Acoustic Ducting strong, durable and fire resistant.

In addition, Biyang has provided antibacterial additives into the Acoustic Ducting to give you a cleaner and healthier ventilation system.  As an expert Acoustic Ducting manufacturer, Biyang covers all kinds of soundproof ducting.  Besides the Aluminum Flexible Acoustic Duct, the Double Wall Spiral Duct can also work as Acoustic Ducting.

Biyang Double Wall Spiral Duct has the fiberglass in the middle and holes are punched in the inner spiral duct to absorb the noise.  You can choose the right Acoustic Ducting based on your own project situation.

Biyang Acoustic Ducting can work with many other accessories like Silencer, the duct damper or HVAC damper to ensure the smooth flowing of air.  As a professional ventilation supplier, Biyang covers all these products.  The most popular sizes for Acoustic Ducting is 6-inch Acoustic Ducting, 8-inch Acoustic Ducting, and 12 inch insulated Acoustic Duct.

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ProductAcoustic Ducting
Standard Length10m
Compress Ration1: 10